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We invent products that bring joy and work like magic.

Since 2006, the team from Enchanted Spaces has been designing and selling flameless candles around the world. In 2015, we expanded into selling solar home decor products and accessories.


When our new brand "Enchanted Spaces" was launched, we did so with the intention of bringing the most magical new LED products to a marketplace that, to us, seemed tired and dull. 

We specialize in durable lighting products for diverse customers in need of a higher quality product. We strive to create products that last longer, perform better, and create less waste for improved sustainability. 

With customer support that's second to none, we enjoy hearing great experiences from thousands of our happy customers around the world.


If you have any trouble with your products, please contact customer service via email or phone 424-279-4335

Customer Service

Lasting Longer, Performing Better

Recent reviews from happy customers

Great customer service and product!


Love, love, love these flameless candles!!!


My pics don’t do these candles justice!


So much better than the cheap electric candles!


In love with my candles!


Great buy. Great quality. Superb performance.


Great value and great look!


They look like real candles in my windows.... So pleased.

D Huff


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